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Offshore Asset Protection


Offshore Asset Protection Using Companies (Offshore LLC or Offshore IBC)

We have skillfully combined wealth protection, privacy and confidentiality and the operability of offshore companies such as an LLC companies or IBC companies in our offshore asset protection packages. These tools take advantage of the benefits of tax free offshore business and enhance considerably protection strategies and succession plans — all in total confidentiality.

Offshore asset protection package shields against arbitrary claims, litigations, estate mismanagement and liabilities. All packages set up in offshore jurisdictions use the time tested civil foundation or the common trust to preserve assets and the offshore company is used to conduct profit making ventures.

Offshore Asset Protection Using Trusts or Foundations

Offshore trusts and offshore foundations are holding entities designed to maintain, protect and dispense assets. Seldom is the trust or the foundation set up for the purpose of conducting routine commercial business-related or profit making activity; generally profit or income for these entities is inactively generated through donations, contributions, gifts, interest or the like.

Best Offshore Asset Protection Packages

We will guide you to form the offshore company (offshore LLC or offshore IBC), and transfer the company interest in that company to the offshore private interest foundation or the offshore trust. We offer offshore companies from the highly recommended tax havens: Anguilla, Belize, BVI, Dominica , Nevis, Panama and Seychelles. We offer offshore foundations from Anguilla, Belize, Nevis and Panama and offshore trusts from Belize and Nevis. Form your very own bulletproof offshore asset protection package.

Offshore Asset Protection for Better Privacy

The business corporation can be formed with nominee officers which means the identity of real owners is always private and not disclosed. The offshore company will be the primary business generator and the trust or foundation will provide the best security of your compounding interests.

The offshore IBC and LLC are both 100% tax free and are protected under the trust or foundation; they cannot be touched by unwarranted claims against you.

You then form the trust or the foundation and transfer the shares or interest in the company to the foundation or the trust. Ideally, you should separate the personalities of the founder/protector and the settlor/trustee. In truth, we do all this for you; you only have to chose the package that’s right for you and select the trust services/foundation services your require.

Asset Protection — When You Need It?

Anytime you have assets/wealth you want to protect, and you also want conduct active income earning business in a tax free environment, then the asset protection package is the solution. The assets (interest in company) in a trust or a foundation, do not legally belong to you, ownership has been transferred from yourself to the trust or the foundation and becomes untouchable, however, you indirectly maintain control of the entity, and assign the beneficiaries.

Offshore Asset Protection Advantages

The advantages of asset protection are many:

  1. Protection — Without an asset protection plan, your personal assets are under constant threat from lawsuits, or forced heirship and asset can be easily distributed haphazardly. Trusts and foundations can be used by individuals, groups of people or corporations to protect against political, social and economic risks or liabilities.
  2. Ease of Formation — Our packages for trusts and foundations are affordable and easy to set up. Such is the case in Anguilla, Belize and Nevis Panama which are our recommended jurisdictions. Trust and foundations can be established with estate or assets with nominal value, generally with US$10,000).
  3. Commercial and investment capabilities — The corporate entity (LLC or IBC) may at any time freely engage in commercial and investment activity. The trust on its own is restricted from business-related activity.
  4. Convertibility/Convenience in Form — Uniquely, the Nevis Multiform foundation is designed to take on one of many functional forms whenever needed — trust foundation, Company foundation, Partnership foundation ordinary foundation.
  5. Confidentiality/Privacy in matters — under law — the particulars of the trusts and foundations are never public unlike that of a will.
  6. Forced heirship does not apply — Forced heirship is a rule (in some countries) where the state decides the separation, disbursements of your estate upon your death.
  7. Fast Estate Settlement — the will is subject to probate and external challenges and the process to settle a will often take years before settled. Settlement is immediate and not subject to challenge.