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We have now undergone a merger with our partner company OCH Ltd. (, who will proceed to assist you with our offshore needs.

You can continue to expect the same high standard of service, and our very best and competitive prices.

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We suggest the following sequence to incorporate your offshore company:

Step 1: Please select a jurisdiction and package (IBC, LLC or UK Company) that suits your needs. This option is found on this page below.

Step 2: You will see the incorporation form in front of you. You must enter the required information in the relevant fields. On the same page you will find the option of payment methods, you must choose one. No payment details will be required at this stage. Feel free to send your comments to us in the box provided below the payment option. If you are satisfied with your selection you should press “Submit” button now.

Step 3: At this stage you will see the invoice, with the price calculations from the services you have chosen. Please take your time and check that the details are correct. If you want to make amendments press “Back” button on your browser and it will bring you back to the previous form (refer to the step 2).

Please print a copy, or save a copy of the invoice for your own records.

Do not forget to press “Confirm” button at the end of this step!!!

Step 4: Please make a payment using the chosen option. You would need to inform us about it by e-mail or fax or phone. These details can be found on “Contact us” page.

Step 5: As soon as we receive the payment and all necessary information, we will ship you the company kit by courier post — from Dominica, the same day or not later than the following working day; from Gibraltar, Seychelles and the UK, between five and seven working days; from Belize, Nevis, Anguilla and BVI in three working days; and from Panama and USA in eight working days. Worldwide delivery time takes from 1 to 5 days, depending on where you are. For example, delivery time from Dominica to the US is one working day or to the UK, two working days; from Seychelles to the US, four working days or to the UK, three to four working days (we always have some offshore shelf companies from different jurisdictions in our office. We can provide a list of them on request). If you order a company with a bank account, all necessary forms will be included in the package. After we send you the package, we will give you the courier tracking number and you can track the package on the internet.

UK Ltd Company or UK LLP kits are complete within 1 working day from receipt of payment and required due-diligence documents (if Nominee Services are required). If your package includes an Apostil certificate this normally adds approximately 5 working days to the completion date.

We proudly accept, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX online, by phone and by fax.

Incorporate Offshore Company!

Choose Offshore Jurisdiction and Incorporate :

Anguilla IBCBelize IBCBVI CompanyDominica IBC

PACKAGE #1 — $1195

PACKAGE #1 — $1195

PACKAGE #1 — $1450

PACKAGE #1 — $1195

PACKAGE #2 — $1495

PACKAGE #2 — $1495

PACKAGE #2 — $1750

PACKAGE #2 — $1495

Gibraltar IBCNevis IBCPanama CorporationSeychelles IBC

PACKAGE #1 — $1950

PACKAGE #1 — $1195


PACKAGE #1 — $1195

PACKAGE #2 — $2300

PACKAGE #2 — $1495

PACKAGE #2 — $1495

PACKAGE #2 — $1495

Anguilla LLCNevis LLCDelaware LLC (USA)Oregon LLC (USA)

PACKAGE #1 — $1195

PACKAGE #1 — $1195

PACKAGE #1 — $780

PACKAGE #1 — $740

PACKAGE #2 — $1495

PACKAGE #2 — $1495

PACKAGE #2 — $1180

PACKAGE #2 — $1140

UK LLPUK LimitedUK Tax Free StructureUK Low Tax Structure

PACKAGE #1 — $690

PACKAGE #1 — $520




PACKAGE #2 — $1020