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UK Company Bank Accounts


A UK company with a UK corporate bank account is definitely better than a UK company without a bank account. Indeed, any new business organizations be it a LLP or a Corporation limited by Shares, needs banking facilities to engage in any form of trade or facilitate the movement of assets.

Bank accounts for UK enterprises (in which the owners and officers are non-residents/non nationals) are not generally offered by the company formations agent. This service is a rarity, but a valuable one which we have the privilege to extend to our customers. Rather than leave our clients out in the rain to to open a business bank account in the UK, we are here to streamline the incorporation process, so you may begin trading immediately.

Opening a business bank account with non-UK residents or companies as directors, members or shareholders can be complicated due to the strict Anti-money laundering measures and compliance issues. A task made even more difficult if done from a remote location.

UK Business Bank Account — the Introduction

We only provide UK company bank account introduction service to our clients who use our company formation services, and therefore this service is only applicable to UK registered limited companies and UK LLPs. We introduce your company to three reputable banks based in the United Kingdom.

We can guarantee you will have a business bank account in the UK, as we have long standing business relationship with the banks. You must ensure the application is complete and you provide all the required documents to the bank

On average it takes2-4weeks to open a UK company bank account. The process is significantly shorter if you can visit the bank in person. We can help arrange this set up for opening the account if you’d like.

Usually the documents and information required to open a UK company bank account vary from bank to bank, but generally include:

  • A copy of the client’s passport, which may need to be legalized in the issuing country (to confirm identity)
  • Incorporation documents (Certified or Apostilled if outside of the UK) We provide this
  • 3 months personal bank statements
  • Verification of address (i.e. utility bill)
  • Nature of business and products/services sold
  • A summary of company’s trading activities (suppliers/customers, payment methods, etc)
  • An estimate of expected trading activities on the account (monthly)
  • Projected monthly and annual profits/turnover
  • Declaration of the source of funds and source of wealth of the ultimate beneficial owner(s)
  • List and Type of services required from the bank
  • Letter stating the purpose of opening a business bank account in UK

Our success rate for opening bank accounts for UK companies in UK is high, on occasion there are rejected applications, if opening a bank account in the UK is not successful, we will refund the money spend on Bank Introduction services with us. UK business bank accounts/introductions cost USD 660.