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Form an Offshore LLC


Offshore LLC: | Anguilla LLC | Nevis LLC

In the Caribbean, we offer offshore Limited Liability Companies (LLC) from two reputable offshore tax havens: Anguilla and Nevis.

Anguilla LLC and the Nevis LLC combine the benefits of the offshore corporation and the partnership. The liability of the members/owners of the Limited Liability Companies is limited to the proportion of their individual contributions (to the whole); both the offshore Anguilla LLC and the offshore Nevis LLC are tax free entities as set out by law.

In Anguilla, there is no distinction in corporate taxation for onshore or offshore companies so all Anguilla LLCs are assuredly tax free. In Nevis, to be classified as a tax free offshore entity, the Nevis LLC is restricted from doing business in Nevis, owning property in Nevis or having any other interest in Nevis.

As long as the members of the LLC are nonresident, and the LLC does not undertake any business activity that is effectively connected with business or trade within the jurisdiction in which it is registered — it is a tax free entity.

Offshore LLC protects its member’s personal assets from company debts and other liabilities.

Unlike the US LLC, the Anguilla LLC and the Nevis LLC may have perpetual life as defined in the organization form. The main document required for registration is the Articles of Formation (Anguilla) and the Articles of Organization (Nevis) which is filed with the local registrar of companies.

Offshore LLC Formation:

  • One member required;
  • Members can be corporate bodies;
  • Nominee members are permitted;
  • Member can be of any nationality or domicile.

Offshore LLC Requirements:

  • Can be managed by members or one or more manager;
  • No returns or financial reports are required;
  • No secretary required;
  • Annual maintenance services provided by our company;
  • A registered agent is required for each offshore LLC.