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Anguilla LLC


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Anguilla LLC Legislation

Anguilla enacted its Limited Liability Companies (LLC) Legislation in October of 2000 which does stem from the original Wyoming LLC Ordinance; however the Anguilla LLC has been further developed to suit the offshore investors.

When the Anguilla LLC is properly structured it can provide its interest holders with limited liability and it is a tax free company whose income and losses are passed through to the members.

Anguilla LLC Advantage:

The Anguilla Limited Liability Company (LLC) It is a hybrid entity without the complex nature, regulations and restrictions which govern regular companies, and provides limited liability for its members. It also combines the constructive features of the Limited Partnership and the IBC Corporation (company limited by shares).

  • An Anguilla LLC may be formed with a single member only
  • The LLC is a separate legal entity.
  • Anguilla LLC may have perpetual life
  • There are no reposting and auditing requirements
  • Anguilla Limited Liability Companies do not have shares or shareholders. Its owners are called members who have with authority in proportion to the member’s contribution to the whole.
  • Because an LLC has limited liability status, the members have protection for their personal wealth. The LLC alone is responsible for its debts and other obligations.
  • Meetings of members may be held anywhere in the world and in any manner convenient to its members. Meetings are not a statutory requirement.
  • Management and control of an LLC is usually undertaken by its members and there is no board of directors. Managers may be employed if deemed necessary and a manager may be a member.
  • Voting rights in the LLC usually correspond directly with a member’s interest in profits.
  • Non residents may fully own Anguilla LLCs and the members in Anguilla LLCs may be non-residents, and can be corporate members as well
  • The Anguilla LLC is a tax free entity i.e. the LLC has no tax liability. Where the members of the Anguilla LLC are non resident and the LLC does not do business in Anguilla, the members are exempt from all taxes.
  • An LLC is formed when the Articles of Formation is filed with the Registrar of Companies.
  • To organize an Anguilla LLC, a registered agent and a registered office is required in Anguilla.
  • We provide these services to you along with filing the Articles of Formation with the Anguilla Registrar of Companies
  • Nominee members are permitted and Anguilla does not require disclosure of member’s information.

Anguilla LLC Names

  • The name of an Anguillan Offshore Limited Liability Company must end with the word Limited Liability Company or the abbreviation LLC.
  • The LLC shall not use a word or phrase which may suggest the patronage of Government such as “Government”, “Govt”, “National”, “Royal”, “Republic”, “Commonwealth” or “Anguilla”.
  • The name of an LLC may not include a word, a phrase or an abbreviation thereof such as Bank, Assurance, Building Society, Chamber of Commerce, foundation, trust etc., without special permission or license.