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Nevis LLC


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Nevis LLC Legislation

The Nevis LLC Ordinance (LLC) was produced in January 2002. This LLC legislation is modernized combining the benefits of limited liability for owners and full tax exemptions, and simplified company incorporation requirements.

The Nevis LLC is a legal and separate entity registered with the registrar of companies in Nevis.

Features & Advantages of a Nevis LLC:

The Nevis Limited Liability Company (LLC) does not have the complicated corporate requirements as the regular company, and is even easier to maintain than the offshore IBC. It is a perfect compliment of the partnership and the corporation.

  • The Nevis LLC may be formed with a single member.
  • The LLC is a separate legal entity.
  • Nevis LLC may have perpetual life.
  • There are no reporting, or filing or auditing requirements for the LLC.
  • The Limited Liability Companies is owned by members, and it does not issue shares. The member’s liability is limited to the proportion of contributions (to the whole).
  • Because an LLC has limited liability status, the members have protection for their personal wealth. The LLC alone is responsible for its debts and other obligations.
  • Meetings of members may be held anywhere in the world and in any manner convenient to its members. Meetings are not a statutory requirement.
  • Management and control of an LLC is usually undertaken by its members and there is no board of directors. Managers may be employed if deemed necessary and a manager may be a member.
  • Voting rights in the LLC usually correspond directly with a member’s interest in profits.
  • Member can be of any nationality and corporate members as well as nominee members are permitted.
  • The Nevis LLC is a tax free entity i.e. the LLC has no tax liability.
  • The Operating Agreement for the LLC is optional.
  • To organize a Nevis LLC, a registered agent and a registered office are required in Nevis.
  • We provide these services to you along with filing the Articles of Formation with the Nevis Registrar.
  • Nominee members are permitted and Nevis does not require disclosure of member’s information.

Nevis LLC Restrictions

Nevis LLC company names must contain the words “limited liability company” or the
abbreviation “LLC”, “L.L.C.”, “LC” or “L.C.”, and the name of the Nevis LLC cannot be the same as the name of another limited liability company or of any other company of any type or kind registered in Nevis.

A Nevis Limited Liability offshore Company cannot do business with residents of Nevis or carry on business in Nevis. The LLC cannot own or hold interest in real property in Nevis.