Dear Valued Clients,

We have now undergone a merger with our partner company OCH Ltd. (, who will proceed to assist you with our offshore needs.

You can continue to expect the same high standard of service, and our very best and competitive prices.

Offshore Formation Prices


Our Fees and Offers

When you use any one of our wide range of offshore services that includes incorporation of offshore companies (IBC and LLC), UK Companies; registration of trusts  and foundations; nominee directors/members/shareholders, virtual offices, bank accounts or setting up of asset protection packages (includes LLC or IBC + Foundation or Trust) — we guarantee access to the most reliable professional services and inexpensive prices:

Prices for IBC and LLC Prices for UK Companies Prices for Offshore Trusts Prices for Offshore Foundations Prices for Asset Protection Packages

Types of Payments that We Accept

We accept payments by bank-to-bank wire transfer, Western Union, Money Gram and payments by credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Your Security and Privacy is our High Priority

All our transactions are regarded as highly confidential and we protect your privacy throughout the entire incorporation/formation process and obviously after that, as we required doing so by Law.

Our online ordering service is very easy to use and secured by SSL.

Bank Accounts, a Necessity

The bank account and where needed, the brokerage account is an essential tool for offshore entities. You can choose these and any other option while ordering the company package. Our bank introductions are available solely for our clients. We offer a wide choice of banks and different jurisdiction We offer the same service for our UK incorporations.

Inexpensive Formation

Our packages are affordably priced and are designed with your needs in mind: inexpensive pricing, low-cost maintenance, full range of usability and privacy. Combined with our additional services such as bank accounts, mail forwarding, virtual office services, you have all the tools to effectively save money, reduce taxes, explore investment opportunities and do business internationally with as much privacy as you require. We provide fast, very affordable and secure services. Supplementary services can be added to any package at incorporation or when needed after.