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Second Citizenship: Dominica or Saint Kitts and Nevis Programs


Though it is true that there are other citizenship and second passport programs in existence, only two of these citizenship programs (with no residency) have been a resounding success:

Dominica Economic Citizenship program

St. Kitts Citizenship-By-Investment program

In fact, these are the only two dual citizenship/second passport plans that deliver full citizenship and second passports without any residency requirements.

These programs can be classified as successful for uninterrupted implementation since the early 80’s with an 80-90%successful application rate. The soundness and the integrity of the programs is maintained through consistent enforcement of regulations, careful due diligence on all applicants and careful administration of the process. All handlers (agents) for economic citizenship must be licensed and registered with the government and must have a staff of professionals made up of legal and specialized personnel who handle the citizenship applications.

Why Economic Citizenship?

Economic citizenship is considered for many reasons and generally this type of dual citizenship is sought to:

  1. To expand investment and work opportunities — when one acquires citizenship, they benefit from reduced local rates/tariffs for investments; they do not have to put out alien or non-resident fees. They may also launch CARICOM owned businesses in any member state devoid of restrictions; they may own property and are subject to the same benefits and treatment of other citizens.
  2. For visa free travel and greater access to Caribbean market — passport holders can travel to over 100 countries without needing visas. As members of the CARICOM Single Market Economy (CSME) citizens of Dominica and St. Kitts/Nevis can move freely and work without restrictions in any of the 15 member states.
  3. As insurance and protection against unwanted or unexpected hardships; to avoid forced service in military (conscription). Second citizenship can offer protection from social, political, economic and financial instability — by offering an option to break away from the uncertainty in a timely manner.
  4. For Tax Planning — In Dominica and St. Kitts/Nevis there are NO taxes or surcharges on income, profits, interest or revenue that is generated outside of these two citizenship program countries.
  5. For hassle free travel — During travels, some Citizens from specific countries come under greater scrutiny and are discriminated against often tomes hassled and harassed based on nationality only. Some nations actually monitor, control and limit the movement of the citizens. To steer clear of this they use the other citizenship.
  6. To Increase Personal Security — Persons from high profile countries can reduce visibility and threats and travel safely by using their second citizenship.
  7. For Convenience — In some countries, the passport can be revoked at any time or may need renewing very frequently. To avoid these conditions, a 2nd passport with 10 year validity and no restrictions is handy.

Economic Citizenship Advantages and Benefits

  • Citizenship for life with all the rights of natural born citizenship
  • No residency requirements, you may obtain second citizenship and reside wherever you wish.
  • Boost investment opportunities — you may acquire property and invest locally without restriction that are imposed on non residents or aliens
  • All citizens may bear a passport as they wish — passports for adults are issued for 10 years before renal is required
  • Citizenship programs open to anyone, as individuals or families
  • Programs easy to qualify — St Kitts Applications requirements — Dominica Applications Requirements
  • Affordable investment required, compared to other residency programs which require significant financial contributions and other investment commitments and assurances

Note: we do not process citizenship applications ourselves, but recommend CCP Inc, a company which successfully process work with economic citizenship programs for many years.

Economic Citizenship Costs

The number of family members on the application, and the ages of the members determine the overall cost of the program. Our citizenship programs are expertly managed by our partner company CCP Inc located in Dominica, with their company lawyer office in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Dominica Citizenship

There are citizenship options for different family sizes; Single Applicant, Family Application I (for a main applicant and spouse), Family Application II ( for a main applicant, spouse, and two children under the age of 18 years.) Provisions are made for more children at additional costs that are determined by age.

The Dominica citizenship, process can run approximately 2-3 months with comprehensive paper work and mandatory due diligence checks. It is a scrupulous procedure and the main applicant is required to go through an interview in Dominica, though provisions can be made to conduct the interview in New York or London (at the applicant’s expense).

Citizenship Saint Kitts/Nevis

In St. Kitts and Nevis there are two main citizenship options; the Sugar Investment Diversification Fund (SIDF) option and the Real Estate Investment option.

Under the SIDF option, a non-refundable financial contribution (set according to the number of applicants) is paid to the fund and automatically qualifies to apply for St Kitts and Nevis citizenship. The second option is an investment option through which real estate is purchased by the applicant.

Applications for second passports and economic citizenship are made through our lawyer in St. Kitts and Nevis and through CCP Inc in Dominica.