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We have now undergone a merger with our partner company OCH Ltd. (, who will proceed to assist you with our offshore needs.

You can continue to expect the same high standard of service, and our very best and competitive prices.

Recommended Tax Haven Companies


Offshore Tax Haven Company Incorporation

We provide International Business Company (IBC) incorporation in 8 highly recommended and reputable offshore tax havens: Anguilla, Belize, British Virgin Islands (BVI), the Commonwealth of Dominica, Gibraltar, Nevis, Panama and Seychelles. Shelf companies are available from most tax havens we offer. We also offer US LLC companies for non-US residents.

Offshore Tax Haven Companies Benefits and Features

All of these countries have some or all the following features in common:

  1. No income tax on revenue of non resident companies or offshore entities;
  2. Additional fiscal incentives — exemptions from other duties on business transaction such as stamp duties, foreign exchange charges;
  3. A developed or developing financial services industry;
  4. Legislation providing confidentiality (closed registries) on incorporations/registration details, and allow the use of nominee officers ;
  5. Used by individuals who want to access better asset protection strategies, and those who want their activities to be anonymous, even if they are entirely lawful — such as persons who wish to screen their wealth from their spouses, family or others;
  6. Used by persons who want to conduct trade, though legal, may risk their reputation, and can do so through an international offshore company.
  7. Widely used by individuals and companies who benefit from cheaper business services; where they can circumvent costly compliance and regulation obligations that usually apply onshore.

Offshore Tax Havens Incorporation

All our selected tax havens have complimentary legislation that is designed to attract investors and business. It is a lucrative approach for many economies, large and small, generating income from company incorporation, trust registration, foundation formation, and annual renewals.

While the offshore IBC is more popular with our clients, the offshore LLC is available to those customers who want the LLC structure.

Tax haven company formation is deliberately simple with minimal requirements. There is no need to visit us to set up the company; all our offshore formations are done online. Offshore corporations and offshore foundations, or the international trusts we offer are definitely low maintenance, and very affordably priced. Annual renewals for offshore business companies and asset protection vehicles are best priced.