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Anguilla Company


Tax Haven Anguilla — Company Incorporation

The off-shore tax haven Anguilla is a British overseas territory located in the northern Caribbean. The territory consists of mainland Anguilla and several smaller islands and cays. The capital of Anguilla is called The Valley. The collective population of Anguilla is about 15,000 occupying a main area of 35 sq. miles. The official language is English.

The main economic activities of off-shore tax haven Anguilla are tourism, offshore company incorporation and management, offshore banking and offshore financial services, fishing and boat building.

Anguilla is internally self governing, under a parliamentary representative democratic dependency framework. The Chief Minister is the head of the Government.

Off-shore tax haven Anguilla has an excellent communications infrastructure. The main international airport can service modern sized aircraft and other narrow body jets. Regional air travel is provided by LIAT Airlines; there are regularly scheduled flights from Continental America and Europe. There is a reliable ferry network providing service between Anguilla and neighbouring island of St. Maarten.

The fiscal importance of the Anguilla off-shore tax haven sector is noteworthy. The government continues to ensure that Anguilla adopts and implements all the necessary legislation to encourage growth in the offshore sector and to  win the interest of offshore investors.

Anguilla has offshore legislation for asset protecting entities such as offshore companies IBC’s and LLC’s and offshore foundations. When you choose Anguilla as your off-shore tax shelter, you choose stability for your investment, tax-free income and profits, and no exchange controls for the offshore IBC or the LLC.

Anguilla Company Formation

  • Anguilla is an ideal tax haven that does not discriminate between local and offshore companies, all Anguilla companies are tax free companies.
  • Instantaneous company incorporation, in this particular off-shore tax haven companies are formed within hours with ACORN, the computer online registration and incorporation network
  • No annual returns to file
  • No annual audit
  • The information on beneficial owners is kept in the Registered Agent Office and is not open to the general public
  • Low annual maintenance fees for Anguilla companies
  • Wide choice of names is still available in this off-shore tax haven
  • IBC may purchase and redeem shares
  • Nominee services are available and provided by our company
  • Minimum of only one Director and Shareholder is required for IBC, or one member for LLC
  • Corporate directors are permitted in Anguilla off-shore tax haven
  • Can be used in conjunction with an offshore trust

Anguilla Company Incorporation Information:

An offshore IBC and offshore LLC must maintain a registered office in off-shore tax haven Anguilla and must appoint a registered agent, who is a resident of Anguilla. All these services are provided by TH Limited.

A copy of the corporate documents such as the Certificate of Incorporation and the Memorandum & Articles of Association must also be kept at the registered office in the off-shore tax haven Anguilla.

Note. Although off-shore incorporation in off-shore tax haven Anguilla will be finished in one working day upon receipt of the application form and appropriate fee, please allow for an additional 2 to 5 working days for the delivery of the documents depending upon your location.