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Seychelles Company


Tax Haven Seychelles — Company Incorporation

Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean and is comprised of over 100 named islands. The official languages are English and French, plus Creole.

The economy of offshore tax haven Seychelles is mainly tourism based. It is becoming a very popular destination for offshore investors, international banks and insurance companies due to adoption of the legislation facilitating the development of the offshore sector.

Seychelles gained its independence from Great Britain in 1976. It is an independent constitutional Republic now within the British Commonwealth.

Tax haven Seychelles has an international airport with modern passenger and cargo facilities. All major carriers provide air services and regular scheduled flights are to London, Paris, Dubai, Frankfurt, Rome, Madrid, etc.

Offshore haven Seychelles is a good choice for your offshore investment as it provides political stability, tax-free income and profits, no taxes, and a no exchange control regime.

Seychelles Company Formation

Tax haven Seychelles provides 20 years tax exemption from the day of incorporation

  • Fast incorporation service in this tax haven (within five working days)
  • No annual returns to file
  • No annual audit
  • The information of beneficial owners is kept in the Registered Agents’ Office and is not open to the general public.
  • Wide choice of names is available in this particular offshore haven
  • Nominee services are available and provided by us
  • Minimum of only one Director and Shareholder is required
  • Corporate directors are permitted in this tax haven

Seychelles Offshore Company Incorporation Restrictions:

An IBC incorporated in Seychelles cannot trade within Seychelles, cannot be involved in banking or insurance activity. Names must end with the following words or abbreviations thereof, Limited, Sociedad Anonima, Societe Anonyme, Corporation, Incorporated, PTY Ltd., GmbH, LLC, PLC, etc. All other abbreviations indicating limited liability are permitted.

Words like “Bank”, “Insurance”, “Royal”," Imperial" or anything that implies a connection of the Seychelles or any other government or any other activity that requires a license or is prohibited are not allowed to be used.

Seychelles Companies Additional Information:

An offshore IBC must maintain a registered office in Seychelles and must appoint a registered agent who is a resident of Seychelles. All these services are provided by Offshore Tax Havens — Offshore Tax Shelters — Offshore Taxes Ltd.

Note. Although offshore incorporation in Seychelles will be finished in 3-5working days from the receipt of the application form and appropriate fee, please allow for an additional 2 to 5 working days for the delivery of the documents depending upon your location.