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UK Companies


Why UK Company Incorporation?

The United Kingdom tax schedule for taxable corporate structures such as the UK Limited Company is significantly lower and more competitive than other EU member countries’ taxes For example, as of corporate tax for companies in France is 33.33% and in Germany Limited such companies are subject to a tax of 29.8%.

The UK LLP is a pass through entity; it is a hybrid of a limited company and a partnership. The UK LLP is tax free entity. The individual members of a Limited Liability Partnership are taxed on personal income.

UK companies are generally highly regarded and respected corporate entities. It is common to find international and multinational corporations set up with or using UK Companies as part of the international outfit.

UK Company — UK LLP or UK Limited?

Our clients can set up business operations using two types of recommended UK business entities which can be customized structurally to enhance the privacy of beneficial owners, maximize tax savings and fulfill operational goals.

Compare the two UK entities we have to offer choose the one best suited to the individual business needs.


UK Limited Liability Partnership

Limited UK Company

Governing Law

The UK LLP Act, 2000

The UK Companies Act, 1985


No shares issued or required

Minimum share capital is 1p, but generally the accepted value is £1,000.


Limited by the capital investment (contributions) Negligence by a member can result in personal liability

Limited by share value

UK Company Formation, Requirements and Management

· Minimum two members (individuals or companies).

· No secretary needed, but a designated member carried out compliance duties.

· No requirements for meetings.

· One director.

· A Secretary is not required but we strongly advise for Ltd UK Company to carry on the duties, which otherwise lie with a Director.

· There are specific requirements for meetings and AGM (Annual General Meeting).


UK LLP Accounts and an Annual returns must be filed together with various other returns. Small companies have abridged accounts.

UK Ltd. Company Accounts and Annual returns for must be filed together with various other returns. Small companies have abridged accounts

Corporate Tax

UK LLP is 100% Tax Free. Its Members are liable for personal income tax.

· Low tax of 20-24%(based on value of the annual profit assessments)

· There is no withholding tax

· No capital duty is applied when capital is contributed upon UK company formation nor is any duty applied on capital increases.

Profits Extractions

Profits are distributed as per the UK LLP Agreement.

Profits may be withdrawn through dividends

UK Companies Advantages, Benefits and Features

All of these UK companies have some or all the following features in common:

  1. Low or No income tax on revenue of nonresident owned UK companies;
  2. A minimum of 2 officers required to form a UK company;
  3. An international and well developed financial services industry;
  4. Legislation allowing the use of corporate and nominee officers thereby enhancing privacy of beneficial owners;
  5. There are no restrictions on foreign nationals (in or outside UK), offshore company being members of UK LLP or directors of the UK Ltd. Company;
  6. Used by individuals/corporations who want to access tax savings strategies;
  7. Both are separate and legal entities which protects personal assets the company’s shareholders, directors (Ltd) and members (LLP);
  8. Limited UK companies’ shareholders have their liability limited by shares;
  9. Low incorporation and maintenance fees upon company registration in UK compared to many EU countries
  10. Once the company registration in UK is complete, there is no requirement to start trading right away.

UK Company Incorporation — Requirements

While the offshore IBC is more popular with our clients, the UK Company has its specific uses and benefits to some and is available to those customers who want a UK business structure.

UK company incorporation is simplified when you use our services. Forming a company in the UK is easy as 1-2-3. There is no need to visit us to set up the company; all our UK company registrations are done online. And you can afford to keep your company; the maintenance, bookkeeping and account services are available for the UK Company at very attractive prices.

UK Company Registration

Following company incorporation in the UK, there are certain services which must be completed to comply with UK company requirements:

  1. After a UK company registration, it is the responsibility of the established company to notify Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Departments (the UK tax authorities) of the company’s start up.
  2. If the company pays any employees or directors, a PAYE system must also be set up to facilitate this activity.
  3. If the company’s taxable income/turnover is expected to surpass £77,000, the company must be registered with VAT authorities

These three services we provide as separate services; if needed, you must add it to your UK Company Formation order.

UK Corporate Tax

The Corporation Tax rate for UK companies is 20% for annual profits under £300000 and 24% for annual profits over £300000. This rate will then be reduced by a further 1% in 2013 and 2014.

UK companies must file annual tax returns, accounts and tax computations with the Inspector by the filing date. Filing date is 12 months after the end of its accounting period. Penalties will be charged if it is late.

UK Company Formation and Personal Income Taxes

All directors of UK Limited companies and partners of UK Limited Liability Partnerships have to complete annual self assessment Tax Returns. This includes non-residents as well. If the assessment reveals income earned in the United Kingdom, this income is taxable in the UK. The personal income tax rate is as follows:

20% on income £0 — £34,370 40% on income £34,371- £150,00 50% on income over £150,00

Non-resident clients can enroll in our Complete UK Company Accounting Package which provides Filing services and other required bookkeeping and accounting services.